Governance of ECOWAP/CAADP

The governance of ECOWAS Agricultural Policy (ECOWAP / CAADP) is a central and critical issue in terms of the results expected from the regional investment plan. In this context, the ECOWAS Commission has designed a device institutionnel and a funding mechanism that it has submitted to Member States and to all regional and international partners. The conference in Abuja in November 2009 resulted in the selection of a set orientations for its architecture.

The institutional mechanism based on four principles:

  1. A clear political responsibility assumed by the statutory bodies of the ECOWAS Commission and the

  2. A policy steering involving key stakeholders (Partner, Dialogue)

  3. The principle of delegation of project management for the elements of the investment plan are not the sovereign functions of ECOWAS

  4. Procedures for financial management, control and monitoring-evaluation predictable and secure.