Regional Food Security Reserve

ECOWAS studied the feasibility of a Regional Food Security Reserve, intended only for emergency operations in case of  a cyclical food crisis. The proposal of creation of the reserve was adopted by Ministers for Agriculture of West African States in September, 2012 then by the Heads of state of ECOWAS in February, 2013.

The proposed project aims at supporting ECOWAS in the implementation of its regional  reserve strategy of food security, established on  complementarity and subsidiarity between three lines of defence to  deal with these repetitive food crises: proximity of stocks,  national stocks, and finally a regional  food security reserve to permit  regional solidarity in  case of a major food crisis.

The supporting  institutions include:

  • Project Client : ECOWAS through its various departments: Commission for Agriculture, Environment and Water Resources.

  • Implementation: RAAF

  • Operators of Implementation

    • AFD

      • Support in setting up the Regional Food Security Reserve

      • Support  the national storage systems and their network

      • Support local storage sysytems

    • CILSS

      • Support national information systems EGOAGRIS and Food and Nutrition Security surveys

    • AECID

      • Support measures to help in decision making and cpacity building of RAAF

Coordination Mechanisms

A Coordination Unit of the Program will be established for the support for the implementation of  the 5 components of the program, and will work in coordination with the technical unit of the reserve management ( UTGR) within RAAF.

A steering committee will be set up to supervise  and approve the general orientation and the line of action of the project, analyze the annual  execution reports of and plan the upcoming activities, to contribute to the coordination of the various components of the project.

A  follow-up technical committee  will be organized to follow  the activities  closely and allow the agents in the office in Lomé (UTGR / RRSA, AECID, and OWED) and certain people in charge of Abuja, Niamey and Ouagadougou (AFD, AGRHYMET


The objective is to contribute in responding  effectively to  the food crises and to strengthen the impact on some  households in the perspective of sustainable regional food security and  sovereignty, through the promotion of   emergency food reserve systems on different levels

Expected Results

To Support the implementation and  governance of the regional  food security reserve  via three levels of defense mobilized  to respond to food and nutritional crises:

  • Component 1: support for the implementation of the regional  food security reserve  

  • Component 2: support for national  systems of storage and  to network them ( RESOGEST)

  • Component 3: support for proximity of system of storage

To Strengthen the informational plans  food security  and the vulnerability for  quick and reliable aid to the decision, contributing to the independence and the efficiency of the management of the food reserves on local, national and regional scales.


  • Component 4: support for the national information systems , for ECOAGRIS and for the enquiries on food and nutritional security

  • Component 5: support for  measures to aid with  decision making and capacity building of RAAF
Other Relevant Information: 

The  funding agreement between  the ECOWAS Commission and the EU has been already approved and signed in June, 2014. The contracts of delegation between the AFD and the AECID with the EU were also signed in  July, 2014. Currently, the preparation of the MoU between these two operators ( AFD and AECID ) and the ECOWAS is in progress. There will be an object of a direct subsidy with  CILSS / Agrhymet and a service contract will be established with the ECOWAS and the CRA / CILSS.



Chief Technical Advisor
Chief Technical Advisor
Amadou Mactar KONATE
Amadou Mactar KONATE

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European Union
Economic Community Of West African States ( ECOWAS )

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